Regional Websites
1. Agriculture and Fisheries Support Services for Increased Productivity and Income
  • Production Support Services

  • Quality Broodstock/Fingerlings Production & Dispersal
  • Aquaculture for Rural Development

  • Promotion of Seabass Culture
  • Market Development Services

  • Marketing Assistance
  • Fisheries Statistics
  • Facilitating Access to Market thru post harvest equipment
  • Post-Harvest and other Agricultural Infrastructure/Support Services

2. Dynamic, Client Responsive and Rationalized Applied and Basic R&D service
  • Extension Support, Education and Training Services

  • Support to Municipal Fisherfolk
  • Research and Development Services

  • Aquaculture
  • Continue Research and Development Studies in the Culture of Tilapia, Ulang, non-traditional species
  • Research Studies to Reduce Production Cost in Aquaculture (i.e., Formulation of Low Cost Feeds)
  • Shift of Fisheries Operation from China Sea to Pacific Ocean
  • Development of Eastern Philippines and Regions 1 and 2 for Commercial Fisheries
  • Marine Fisheries

3. Comprehensive Regulatory Services

4. Plans, Policy, Programs and Project Formulation, Coordination Advocacy, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Policy Formulation and Planning Services