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BFAR Regional Office No. 10 Transparency Seal


 In compliance with Sec. 93 (Transparency Seal) R.A. No. 10155 (General Appropriations Act FY 2012) 

Information about the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

  1. Mandate
  2. Functions
  3. Key Officials and Contact Information
  4. Citizen's Charter

 Annual Financial Reports

  1. Statements of Allotment, Obligation and Balances
    • FY 2015
    • FY 2014
    • FY 2003
  1. Disbursement and Income
    1. Disbursment
    2. Income
    3. Physical Plan
  1. Financial Accountability Report

Approved Budgets and Corresponding Targets

 Major Programs and Projects categorized in accordance with the five key result areas under E.O. No. 43, s.2011

  1. Programs and Projects
  2. Beneficiaries


    The beneficiaries of major fisheries programs and projects such as fish seed production and distribution, distribution of fishing gears/paraphernalia, input assistance, establishment of seaweed nurseries, training and technical assistance, Fisheries scholarship program, credit facilitation among others comprised of fishfarmers, LGUs, individual or associations/cooperatives. Likewise, private sectors in the fishing industry are also considered partners and beneficiaries thru market matching, participation to Agri-Aqua Fairs and Exhibits, International Seafood Expo.


  3. Status of Implementation

Annual Procurement Plan

  1. Annual Procurement Plan
    • FY 2015

 Contracts Awarded and Names of Contractors/Suppliers/Consultants

    1. FY 2015

System of Ranking Delivery Units and Individuals

  • Compliance with the Guidelines on the Grant of Performance Based Bonus for 2015

Quality Management System Certified by International Certifying Body or Agency

Good Governance Conditions and Certifications

  • FY 2015
    • Annex I - Transparency Seal Certification
    • Annex II - Phil GEPs Certification
    • Annex III - Report on Aging Cash Advance with COA stamped
    • Annex IV - Anti-Red Tape Act Compliance Certification
    • Annex V - Certificate of Compliance with Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN)